Last spring I worked on a project called Crayola Art Adventure.  The project was made for the Leapster and featured a number of Crayola  products via a series of art lessons.  I developed the art lessons, story-boarded and made character designs for the project.  Below is a sketch of the character I designed.  His name is Roy G. Biv.

It’s funny, I am left handed but that has never come up in my work before, but over the years I have developed a habit of drawing things from right to left so I don’t smudge my drawings.  After I had animated a few of the drawing lessons for this project and they had kid tested them, they noticed that the lessons seemed left handed.  I hadn’t done this intentionally, it’s just become part of the way I work.  Then again it even came out in the drawings I did of Roy.  As you can see, he is gesturing with his right hand – because I was using my own right hand as drawing reference (I, however, have five fingers not four).

They didn’t ask me to re-do the lessons, but for the remaining ones I animated them as though I was right handed.  I have to admit, it kind of looked wrong to me. 😉

Here is the coloured version of the above sketch:

Note that he has five fingers now.

The backgrounds I did for these story panels were inspired by the old UPA cartoons.  I love that style.

I’ll show you one last bit of that project.  Below is a sketch of a contraption I did.  Roy G. Biv is kind of a mad scientist type character and this machine he built is meant for producing colours.  See if you can find the logic in it.  It almost makes sense if you don’t think too much.  Either way it was fun to draw.

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