Turbo Shot: Mechanical Designs

For the mechanical designs in Turbo Shot I thought the best approach for creating them was to do so in the voice of the antagonist of the game: Dr. Stinchcomb. Thinking of these designs coming from his hand brought more of a theme and focus to the work. Some of these concepts are shown in the game in the form of “datapad” entries.

When designing objects like you see below I like to make them feel believable as consumer products. They are often recklessly dangerous, but have a pleasing design aesthetic, much like cars from the the 1940s to 1960s.

Battle Pod/Guardians

Loot Crates



Stinchcomb’s Mech Suit

This is the Dr. Stinchcomb’s (the villain of Turbo Shot) mech suit. The torso of the suit was inspired by an elephant skull. I wanted the design to feel like it had a personality of its own – like the mech suit was resignedly tolerating Stinchcomb.

The Stinchotron: PVP game mode hub/teleporter

This is the second of two comic style panels illustrate part of the PVP game mode. Winning the round means getting to this central hub: The Stinchotron
This is the early untextured model of the Stinchotron. The machine goes through multiple phases in the game, so I created this animation to demonstrate how it works.

Data Pad

In Turbo Shot this datapad is both a 3D object within the game levels and a UI design. I decided to incorporate designs for both versions here.

Jin’s Pistol

Published by Scott Douglas

I am an artist and have been working in the gaming industry. I have published over 50 titles including original IPs and for clients like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Fox, and others.

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