Cowbots and Aliens: the Saloon Paintings

Last year I worked on a game called Cowbots and Aliens; it’s a Virtual Reality Sci-fi/Western mashup on STEAM VR by Wizard Games.  It was a lot of fun designing the characters for this game (I will be adding a separate post about that).  The pictures above are paintings I made to appear on the saloon walls (the frames were added in Photoshop to allude to the way they appear in game).

So many Westerns have a reclining nude above the bar in the saloon, so I made the first image as a parody of Manet’s Olympia featuring the characters from the game.  The two portraits are inspired by Victorian-era paintings and photographs with all their pomp and seriousness.  The landscape is a parody of that genre painting of the lone cowboy out on the landscape.  He’s riding a rocket-powered hobby horse – a feature we were planning to add as an additional way of motion to satisfy some gamer’s wishes.

One fun feature about the paintings in the game is that you can take them down off the walls and use them as a weapon or shield.