Turbo Shot: Art and Design

Promotional Poster for Turbo Shot
App Icon for Turbo Shot

Character designs, renderings and mechanical designs from my most recent project at Wizard Games: Turbo Shot.

I was responsible for creating the overall look of the game, designing the characters, UI concepts and the lore of the title.

Turbo Shot: Characters

See the Turbo Shot Character post here

Mechanical Designs

See the Turbo Shot Mechanical Designs here

UI Designs

For the UI design in Turbo Shot the idea was to create variations on the main theme. The home screen and store pages are the most colourful, high-key scenes, but as you get into more of the guts of the machine the themes get a little darker. The idea I had in mind was the way areas are laid out on a ship where the main passenger deck and gift shop are the most inviting and pleasant areas, but things are quite different in the engine room, for example.

As with the mechanical designs for Turbo Shot, the idea was that the content was coming from Stinchcomb, who might try to project an appealing facade, but things get darker as you peel back the layers.

An example of the humour I added to UI design for Turbo Shot

Get Turbo Shot on Steam
Get Turbo Shot on Nintendo Switch

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I am an artist and have been working in the gaming industry. I have published over 50 titles including original IPs and for clients like Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, Fox, and others.

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